OpenCart stack powered by iSenseLabs

Installation Instructions

These instructions assume that you already have an Amazon account with access to Amazon EC2. If not, please create one here:

The iSenseLabs OpenCart stack is distributed by the Amazon AWS Marketplace. We provide AMIs for OpenCart and OpenCart 2.0.x.

What to do

  1. Visit the Amazon AWS Marketplace and look for the OpenCart e-commerce shopping cart solution powered by iSenseLabs or OpenCart 2 e-commerce shopping cart solution powered by iSenseLabs
  2. Install the image, making sure the following Security Group settings are applied:
    Ports   Protocol  Source
    22      tcp
    80      tcp
    443     tcp
  3. Visit the Amazon Management Console > EC2 > Instances to see the details of your new AMI instance
  4. Select your newly created instance and locate the Instance ID and Public DNS in the Description tab in the lower part of the screen. You will need these Instance ID and Public DNS for the next steps. It should look like this:
    Instance ID and Public DNS
    Note 1: If you see no DNS, this means that you need to create an Amazon VPC. Visit Amazon Management Console > VPC > Your VPCs to create a VPC that will be used for your Public DNS.
    Note 2: The Public DNS is dynamic. It changes every time you start your Amazon image. On bootup the OpenCart AMI is configured to get the newly assigned DNS and update the files and database of your OpenCart installation.
    Note 3: The Instance ID is used as the password for your OpenCart admin panel. Write it down somewhere safe because you will need it.
  5. Wait for your AMI to finish initializing. You will notice when it receives the status "Check 2/2 checks passed". After that visit the OpenCart admin panel with the following credentials:
    Username: oc_user
    Password: <Your-Instance-ID>
  6. After you login, you can navigate to System > Settings > Edit to configure your web store.
  7. Last but not least, we recommend you visit System > Users > Users to modify your credentials.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured your OpenCart AMI!

Final words

Thank you for using the services of iSenseLabs!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.